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How to Organize Your Beauty Products

How to Organize Your Beauty Products

By: Christina Grasso

Picture this: it's Sunday afternoon. It's pouring rain, putting a damper on your plans (really). After a recent screening of Tidying Up, you're feeling inspired to, well, tidy up. But where to begin? Your growing product collection is a good place to start–and you've come to the right place. 

1. Turn on a playlist that's poppin'. You, of course, know yourself best, but we'd advise against selecting your playlist called "Sleepy" as background music for this exercise. We love Peaceful Piano as much as anyone else; save it for the boudoir.

2. Grab two bags (one for trash and one for recyclables), and a basket of some sort.

3. Remove all products from your shelves (and anything else acting as a shelf, like, ahem, the floor) and place into what is henceforth known as Beauty Product Purgatory (aka the basket, mentioned above).

4. Vigorously dust the surface (you may elect to wear safety glasses for added drama). And don't be shy: dust like there's no tomorrow! Dust with the same fervor that Cameron Diaz's character displays while dancing erratically to "Mr. Brightside" in The Holiday. Dust like your pesky allergies depend on it (because, frankly, they do).

5. Take every non-Flesh product, thank it kindly, and toss it in the trash with a graceful flick of the wrist. Woosh. DId you hear that? So satisfying! Charge ahead and have comfort knowing it will greatly enjoy the afterlife. It was time. Now, meditate.

6. Remain calm: we are just teasing on that last part. Carry on! Now, separate each product into one of two categories: keepers and good-byes. (Depending on the size of your collection, you may want a third pile labeled "files" for products you wish to keep but don't routinely use. Find a home for those either in a closet or cabinet.)

7. Now, it's time to part ways with the goodbye pile and recycle/donate/give away what you can. Yes, that 6-year-old lip balm had a good run, but gang, it's gotta boogie.

8. Take your basket of survivors, saviors, holy grail products and remind them of their worth. It was a long haul, but ladies, you've made it. Carefully place them back on the shelves in an organized fashion that works for you and is, most importantly, practical. 

9. Give yourself a pat on the (hopefully well-moisturized) back.