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Why We Made A Skin-Care Product

Why We Made A Skin-Care Product

Since its inception, Flesh has been on a mission—some might say an obsession—to bring out the best in skin. That’s why Flesh makeup is lightweight and luscious—and why it’s not interested in thick, show-offy transformations. And yet with all its focus on enhancing and highlighting your best skin, Flesh hasn’t offered a stand-alone fully dedicated skin-care product. That’s about to change. Actually, it already did. Last week! Huzzah!

Flesh spent over two years (24 months plus!) creating a new really special serum. It took some time because, basically, it had to be perfect. It’s the skin-care serum of our skin-care fantasies.  

The magic of Sheer Flesh serum is its ability to be both lightweight and deeply hydrating while delivering a potent SPF 35. Sheer Flesh isn’t chalky, gummy, filmy or clammy, like many sunscreens. It feels airy. It glides on like a dream. It is so smooth that it works as a primer, bringing out the best in your skin when worn alone and prepping skin brilliantly for makeup. Its gentle floral-citrus scent is slightly addictive, and there's nothing wrong with that. There's everything right with it.

Et voilà! Our first skin-care product. We hope you love it as much as we do (which is to say: very, very much).