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3 Tips to Make Foundation Shopping Easier

3 Tips to Make Foundation Shopping Easier

The first official foundation launched over a century ago, and still we’re flummoxed about how to find the best one for our own personal flesh. Flesh asked writer and editor Amy Keller Laird to unravel the tangled mess. She spoke to top makeup artists, dermatologists, and neurobiologists (no kidding!) to get the scoop on what's legit and what's not.

1. Wash your face
"If you paint your walls without first stripping the existing color, you can’t expect the final look to match the paint in the can," says Hannah Yeo, a color and design expert for Benjamin Moore. Likewise with makeup: Even traces can interfere with finding a match.

2. Pull back your hair
Your hair can cast a shadow that can change the way your undertones look. In particular, “yellow-blonde hair can make your face look redder,” says illustrator and portrait painter Tim O’Brien.

3. Wear a gray shirt
“Your face will reflect whatever you’re wearing,” says O’Brien. A red sweater, for instance, will make your skin look red or pink. “A white shirt is reflective and too bright. Gray is neutral so there’s no color influence, and you can make a better judgment of the color.” He recommends a gray shade similar to Pantone P 174-1 C.


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