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5 Signs of Undertone Errors, Revealed

5 Signs of Undertone Errors, Revealed

The first official foundation launched over a century ago, and still we’re flummoxed about how to find the best one for our own personal flesh. Flesh asked writer and editor Amy Keller Laird to unravel the tangled mess. She spoke to top makeup artists, dermatologists, and neurobiologists (no kidding!) to get the scoop on what's legit and what's not. Here we go!

1. Your makeup has a gray cast. If your skin is black and looks ashy, you’ve probably chosen a cool foundation and should switch to a warm one, says makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo.

2. Your skin looks dull or flat and void of warmth. With dark skin, you may have chosen a foundation with too much blue in it.

3. Your pale complexion looks clownishly pink.

4. Your skin has a pasty or chalky look, which is often pink foundation over a fair yellow undertone.

5. Your skin looks sallow. This happens when people with neutral undertones choose a warm foundation with too much yellow.