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Why We Named Our Brand “Flesh”


Why We Named Our Brand “Flesh”

When you were little, you probably reached into a box of crayons and found a peach one labeled “flesh.” Naturally, you assumed that’s what you should use to fill in the people in your coloring book. When you fell off your bike, your mom pasted a bandage on your knee. It was made to match your skin, but it was beige, regardless. The point is, the word “flesh” was a fallacy that entered your consciousness before you were even old enough to question it.

We’re here to state what should be the obvious: that’s simply unacceptable.

That’s why we’re redefining “flesh color” to mean not just one but many. It is skin tones plural.

For this very reason, our line is called Flesh.

The foundation of Flesh is foundation: 40 shades that we worked hard on—formulating, reformulating, and reformulating again to get right. But, because your skin doesn’t begin and end with foundation, we didn’t stop there. We created an extensive range of highlighters, blush, lipsticks and eye shadows that enhance and enrich all shades of flesh, so that every person can find themselves in our products. And because the world isn’t monochromatic, we also added vivid color to the collection for style and self-expression. Flesh delivers a nude for every nude, and a color for every mood. Because options are important and variety makes life more interesting.