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Is Flesh makeup cruelty free? Does Flesh test on animals?

Flesh is cruelty free. Basically, we have a conscience. Our products are not tested on animals nor are they sold in countries where testing on animals is required.

Are the products vegan?

Many of our products are free of animal byproducts: Fleshpot Eye & Cheek Gloss, Hot Sauce Lip Gloss, Proud Flesh Matte Liquid Lip, Fleshy Lips, Touch Flesh Highlighting Balm and Strong Flesh Lipstick.

Do Flesh products contain parabens?

We do not add parabens to any Flesh products.

Are Flesh products natural?

Flesh is not a “natural” brand, but our products do contain some natural ingredients such as coconut oil, sunflower-seed oil, ginger-root extract and pomegranate extract. And all of our products are free of parabens.

How do I find out what’s in the products?

Each product page has a full ingredient list, so feel free to explore our website! You can also find a full ingredient list on Ulta.com and on our packaging. If you have any further questions regarding ingredients, please contact us.

Can I use the foundation stick instead of a concealer or contour?

Funny you should ask! We made the sticks to be magically multi-purpose. To use as a contour, select a shade of Firm Flesh stick that’s two to three shades darker than your foundation. For concealer, choose a shade that’s just slightly lighter than your foundation. Cool, right?

What’s the difference between the highlighter drops, the highlighter sticks and the highlighting powders?

Ripe Flesh Glisten Drops are liquid highlighters that can be worn alone or mixed with your serum, moisturizer, or foundation. The more drops you use, the more luminosity you’ll achieve. Touch Flesh Highlighting Balm is a stick that can be applied directly to your skin, alone or over makeup. Both products come in four shades. Flesh to Flesh Highlighting Powder is a soft cream-like powder that comes in six shades and creates an extremely glowy, luminous finish that can be built from a gentle sheen to an intense incandescence.

Will Fleshpot cause my mascara to run?

Nope, Fleshpot is made to stay where you put it. That means it won’t melt into your mascara and cause a mess. It will make your eye shadow attractively smudgy when you apply the gloss on top.

Is Flesh coming out with a mascara? Brow products? More?

Patience, young grasshopper. We’re working on everything and more. Our next batch of Flesh products is dropping soon. Join our mailing list and you’ll be the first to know (we promise not to pester you).